Microgrids with Renewable Distributed Generation


MIcrorredes con GEneración DIstribuida de Renovables—MIGEDIR (Microgrids with Renewable Distributed Generation) aim is to combine synergies between different research groups and contribute to Microgrids development and Distributed Generation integration using Renewable Energy. Its purpose is to promote their knowledge and integration in different places and countries. That way it lays the foundations for the establishment of microgrids in places where electric power supply is needed promoting at the same time renewable energy integration.

Specific Aims

- - To find strong and weak points related to the project scope in the participating countries, with the aim of establishing an active and constant technology exchange in order to carry out coordinated Research and Development (R&D) projects.
- To evaluate how possible it would be to apply renewable technologies in order to achieve their integration in the region electrical power grids.
- To evaluate the Ibero- American region and other countries regulations on electrical microgrids with distributed generation.
- To inform on the usual forums (congresses, seminars, workshops etc.) about the results obtained during the project.
- To organize specific courses on the different project scopes (microgrids, distributed generation, renewable energy integration, etc.) in the participating countries.
- To develop and introduce a work tool that enables data, knowledge, and experience exchange and transfer. It will also help for the organization and following monitoring of the different courses.
- Promote work in a network in order to deal with Ibero-American countries common problems in the project scope. This network will also allow for indentifying new participating partners in the commercial, production and institutional R&D sectors.
- To improve the transfer of results, increasing the geographical area and decreasing the time spent on the transmission.
- To integrate the different organizations involved in the participating countries energy development.

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